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I have paid my taxes and to sneak into someone’s social media accounts is totally unethical. Pan card and Aadhar card are the easiest ways to track anyone’s expenses. And unlike him, there are many others who never made the headlines." He believes that the purpose of this program is not as straightforward as the government is claiming it to be. But how ethical is it to keep a track of someone’s wealth through social media?Designer Amit Talwar, who is a social media regular, opines, "First of all, the question to the government should be — have you actually cracked down on the real tax evaders? Huge corporations and billionaires, who are the real culprits, always escape the system. Project Insight, I believe, has a bigger agenda. Vijay Mallya is a fine example of this and you can see his social media activity. "If you buy something like a car or a house, you already have some sort of documents for the same."Documentary filmmaker Mohan Kumawat believes the same. It is a way to monitor what people are exactly saying about the government on various platforms. Of course the government is floating it around as a new decision, but the truth is all of our social media is already being monitored. This way the government gets the legal right to keep track of you. Could that be possible in India too? Lawyer Inayat Dhanda, who is an avid social media user, believes that this is a double-edged sword. It is a way to keep track of a lot of other things that they can’t admit in public. Kartik, an avid Instagrammer, shares, "To believe that this is a new policy is like pouring old wine into a new bottle. I see this as another failed stunt like demonetisation just to keep the citizens busy and in fear, while the government easily messes up other important issues like foreign affairs. The government has a tool to track anyone’s social media accounts and be open about it."Mohan Kumawat too questions the intent behind Project Insight. He says, "There are so many other ways to find out who is involved in tax evasion. This move, in fact, has another motive. "This is something more than just related to tax-evasion. All your bank accounts are now connected to your Aadhar number. What about these people? If someone buys a new car or has a property and they have worked for it, they have all the right to flaunt it. So they could have used all the information without proclaiming it loud. To believe that the government is in the dark about it is being foolishly ignorant. One can anyway not make cash payments of more than two lakh rupees now.Do you love flaunting your new buys on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook? You might now need to be more wary of what you post, as a picture of your lovely vacation home, glitzy jewellery or expensive car could land you in trouble. The fact that they have said it out loud will in fact make people cautious. "It’s a good move for a country whose politicians are honest and whose governments provide basic facilities like healthcare. By going public with such scheme, 8 cavity PET preform oil mold for plastic injection machine no one can sue the government for invasion of privacy. So in the midst of all these regulations, what is the need for another project like this?"."However, some believe that the government has already been tracking social media activity for sometime."Belgium, Canada, Australia and UK are already using similar programs and these have also been successful to some extent.Under the new Project Insight, the Modi government will keep a track of your wealth through your social media platforms, beginning next month."Inayat DhandaHe adds, "They should look after big names, but that will not happen, will it? I have, at times, worked three different jobs to make some extra money. So after all that hard work over twenty years, if I buy a car or a house, it should be none of their business

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Perhaps, it is because it first gained popularity among the Bohemian intellectuals of the 19th Century; or because it is touted to be the strongest alcoholic beverage around; or perhaps since it is rumoured to have hallucinogenic properties. With both being clear, the clouding and colouring effects were created using antimony trichloride and copper sulphate. The legendary hallucinogenic effect of absinthe, which made it a popular among the likes of Vincent Van Gogh and Ernest Hemmingway, is also a myth which dates back to the 19th Century. Producers of other spirits, fearing for the loss of market for their products, also began lobbying against it. It doesn’t help that there is an air of mystery surrounding the drink.Luna is a mixologist. And while some people flock to Eastern Europe China pet bottle preform mold Manufacturers for a taste of the Green Lady, as they believe that’s where it originated, its root really lies in Switzerland, where it was produced at the turn of the 19th Century. So, when consumed on a regular basis, it is possible that this toxic mixture caused hallucinations through poisoning.For those who thought that the drink is a forbidden pleasure and that the drink is illegal in India, let me tell you that the drink is perfectly legal.Another folk tale that often surrounds the serving of the drink is that it should be served with a lump of sugar lit on fire. If anything, it’ll help you appreciate the drink even more. The emerald concoction, popularly nicknamed The Green Lady, has been the origin of many a myth over the centuries.Perversely, it is also falsely believed that this hallucinogenic property of the drink is what caused it to be banned in most countries in the West. As the most popular alcoholic beverage in France, it became the target of the temperance movement — a social movement against alcohol consumption.Since absinthe was popular at the time, some producers of the drink used non-portable industrial-grade alcohol and flavoured the drink with oil extracts, as inferred by absinthe expert and scientist Ted Breaux. Of course, if you go on a binge, you may just take leave of your senses, but then, that’s just due to the high content of alcohol. What caused the drink to be banned, was in fact, its immense popularity. This is not only dangerous, but also ruins the delicate flavours of an authentic glass of absinthe. So, really, it was societal pressures and not the drink itself that caused it to be banned.Not a lot of people in India experiment with absinthe. This was a toxic mixture.So, before you absinthe enthusiasts try to get your own bottle of the forbidden brew, take some time out to know its intricacies

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Since the range of styles and flavours found in China pet mold beer are so diverse, the key to finding your favourite is by way of experimentation. There’s also the Beer Rita, the perfect pick-me-up after a tiring day. With varieties ranging from citric, sweet to bitter, containing a modest amount of alcohol (so you can drink a lot of it), it’s simply the purest form of joy — pour, sip and swig! A pertinent question one may raise is this: why experiment with these already delicious brews by mixing in other ingredients The answer is simple; the results of this mixing can be even more mouth-wateringly delicious. Beer’s pretty cool stuff if you ask me. It’s our twist to the classic Margarita. If you thought the satisfaction that comes with a thirsty swig of an ice-cold beer is unbeatable, think again.While drinking beer is a great way to take the sting off hot summers, adding a cocktail twist to it will liven up your day If there was ever a season to celebrate beer — this is it! The huge popularity of beer has created a revolution across the globe and instead of being on the appendix, restaurants now highlight it in front of the menu. The carbonation in beer-based cocktails gives it a light feel making the drink best had cold, well suited for hot weather. It is uniquely versatile — it makes an amazing blended drink — plays well with other ingredients, and is the perfect thirst quencher.These recommendations act simply as starting points. The Blue Flip is a sprightly blend of passion fruit and blue lagoon with lager that makes for a great brew.Rahul Singh is the founder and CEO of The Beer Café. Another one of these blends is the Beer Mule, which is an invigorating concoction of ginger, cucumber and vodka. Beer cocktails are essentially a great alternative to the more common classic summer concoctions. Some of my personal favourite blends are great thirst quenchers. Try mixing your favourite beer in different styles and different ingredients.If you’ve been drinking your beer straight from the bottle year after year, it’s time you get out of the rut and try something new. Then, there are also the more tropical flavours. Beer lovers around the world have started mixing the beverage with unique ingredients, and have discovered whole new ways of savouring their favourite drink. One is the Sweet Pepper, a peppy drink with flavours of strawberry and grape, topped with lime wedges and black pepper. A good advice for making your own brews would be to be bold, try different combinations and remember that while these beer cocktails are low on alcohol content, they do pack a punch. While you’re busy experimenting, don’t forget to make note of what you’ve enjoyed most, to help create a great beer cocktail menu. The ingredients make it perfect for the hot summer

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com/Vwc7gyckyL鈥?Souvik Roy Moulick (@SouvikRM10) June 16, 2019So Gautam Gambhir is doing commentary and making money out of a match he is opposing.Sehwag suggested to boycott WC, today hes brand ambsdr of Ind-Pak match.twitter...Mumbai: Three months ago, BJP MP Gautam Gambhir had said India should not play Pakistan in the World Cup on account of the Pulwama attack.Zee News bashed Sidhu whn he went Pak ,today they hv invited Pak guests to discuss match.twitter.com/19pqECs1SD?Dhruv Rathee (@dhruv_rathee) June 16, 2019Gautam Gambhir explained! pic.twitter.com/pwjnCweydx?Shivam Vij (@DilliDurAst) June 16, 2019Gambhir is in the perfect mould of a Indian politicians.com/a10vwCJCvC?AAP Ka Mehta (@DaaruBaazMehta) June 16, 2019Gambhir was calling for boycott of Pak after Pulwama, today hes cheering for Customized pet injection bottle moldIndiaVsPakistan match.com/uStx8MIcmH?Karthik (@beastoftraal) June 16, 2019Political Gambhir vs Cricketer Gambhir #IndiaVsPakistan pic.twitter.Here comes the biggest battle we all look out for. Play Star Contest with me # for #INDvsPAK match on @CricPlay.twitter. What happened in Pulwama is absolutely not acceptable.twitter.com/w4Hwrcj5s8?Dweepayan Mishra (@dmmishra96) June 17, 2019Pic 1 : Gautam Gambhir before electionsPic 2 s Gautam Gambhir after elections #INDvPAK #WC2019 #CWC19 pic.com/rAx44oBxte?Rais Ibn Jabbar (@Rais_Paray) June 16, 2019#IndiaVsPakistanGautam Gambhir before the elections - "India should boycott playing against Pakistan, even if it means letting go of the World Cup final, India should be ready to do it."Gambhir now - pic.twitter.However, a day before the most-awaited match, Gambhir tweeted a contest which grabbed the attention of netizens.*HYPOCRISY*?IRONY MAN (@karanku100) June 16, 2019.Gambhir preach what you practice atleast.com/eKRWa8iLYF?Gautam Gambhir (@GautamGambhir) June 16, 2019The next day, his appearance on Star Sports channel provoked several users to come to the micro-blogging site and point out his "hypocrisy:Ghar se nikalte hi...twitter. pic.Three months ago, Gambhir had said: ither you don play them anywhere or open doors for them."Gambhir had asked people to boycott the World Cup match against Pakistan that was held on June 16 at Old Trafford Stadium in Manchester. Lets see if you can score more than me, follow the @CricPlay page, download the App & create your team now! #CricPlay #FantasyCricket #StarContest #AbIndiaKhelega pic. I am sure it going to be difficult to boycott Pakistan in the World Cup but they are not playing them in bilaterals. The best they can do is to stop playing in the Asia Cup as well, that what I believe. ypocritical,?people have pointed out.But the same Gambhir was an expert commentator during the match on June 16.鈥?Sumit Kashyap (@sumitkashyapjha) June 16, 2019Hypocrisy is not a Gambhir matter pic. pic.Kuch door chalte hi. He grabs attention by something to instigate the nationalist feelings then goes and makes money doing analysis of the very same match he wanted India to forfeit

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Unlike others, they questioned everything we have been told to follow. The Freethinkers Valley Trust has been active since 2015, supporting the community of non-believers. But together, they have found home. Vijayan, a supporter of the Trust.Throughout their lifetime, society always attempts to pin one down under one banner or another, especially in the name of religion.Freethinkers Valley in Akambadam, Nilambur, in Kerala offers space to these ‘outcastes’ to live together."This is not just a collective community residential area, but the people here have same viewpoints and had same experiences from society.. But these people have lived their life without compromising on anything; Freethinkers Valley is what that brings them together. Those who want to live with other freethinkers ‘who share the same beliefs about several norms’ will get a space here.The trust is also planning to set up more facilities like a library, a common hall and a playground. But once they turned old, they couldn’t sustain themselves. "Discussions are on to start a health centre and public cemetery along with the Valley there. A collective set up like Freethinker’s Valley Trust offers them space to be with other freethinkers. Some of them are planning to join them after retirement," he adds. Nothing is finalised," adds Muhammad."Many of the members had faced issues in public. Apart from these 27 people, there are others who have similar ideology, but live outside and are regular visitors. For any freethinker, it must have been a very conscious effort to do away with the notion that they need to follow the age-old ‘conformity guidelines’. Rebelling against labels, these people chose to break the mould, especially the biggest and strongest shackle named religion, making them an outcaste. "Each member owns the plot they live in. That’s our main objective," says Dr.‘You’re drifting away from the truth’, ‘Don’t be an outcaste’ must be the phrases any fundamentalist society throw at a freethinker. Their thoughts and ideologies made them different and hence they were alienated. The greatest hurdle faced by the ‘non-conformist’ has been the lack of public approval since time immemorial.Spread over seven acres of land, the Valley is divided into small plots on the banks of the Kanjirapuzha. A dynamic community of secular humanists, the Valley houses 27 freethinkers who socialise, learn, discuss concerns and practise secular humanist philosophy. In a society tangled with the religion and practices, these people became outcastes. Already it serves as an old age home as most of them are elders who have been living alone for several years. But 90 cent of the plot is a common 8 cavity plastic preform pet jar mold space where people can spend time together. So we decided to set up a residential area for those people who wanted to live with other freethinkers like them," says secretary of the trust Muhammad Parakkal. Whispers constantly remind them that they need more people to agree with them, or else, they are wrong

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» This is something more than just related to tax-evasion (جمعه ۲۵ بهمن ۱۳۹۸ | ۰۷:۵۶)
» The legendary hallucinogenic effect of absinthe (پنجشنبه ۲۶ دی ۱۳۹۸ | ۰۸:۵۶)
» If you thought the satisfaction that comes with a thirsty swig (پنجشنبه ۱۹ دی ۱۳۹۸ | ۰۹:۳۱)
» He grabs attention by something to instigate (سه شنبه ۰۳ دی ۱۳۹۸ | ۰۸:۱۷)
» The Freethinkers Valley Trust has been active (دوشنبه ۲۵ آذر ۱۳۹۸ | ۰۹:۲۹)

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